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Medical billing is the process of creating healthcare claims to submit to insurance companies in order to get reimbursement for medical services provided by providers and provider organisations. The medical biller tracks the claim after translating a healthcare service into a billing claim to guarantee the organisation receives reimbursed for the work the provider accomplished. A skilled medical biller can improve the revenue performance of a physician practise or healthcare organisation.

Medical billing and coding professionals are classified as medical records and health information technologists by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS). This field is expected to increase at a 9% annual rate between 2020 and 2030, creating 37,100 jobs.The ageing population’s need for additional healthcare services, combined with the usage of electronic health records systems (EHR), is expected to drive up demand.

Every medical facility requires medical billing and coding for insurance and patient bills. Doctors or office managers may do these jobs in addition to their other obligations, or they may engage one or more staff members to do so.

What do Medical Billers do Day-to-Day?

A medical billing specialist serves as a go-between for the medical office and insurance companies.A medical billing specialist assists a healthcare facility in managing insurance claims, invoices, and payments. They accomplish this by using the correct diagnosis and treatment codes to submit patient claims to insurance companies for reimbursement, then charging the patient for any expenses that are not fully covered.

Medical billing experts create and submit bills, sometimes known as claims, for payment. They submit the claim to an insurance company, Medicare, Medicaid, or other payer after ensuring that all components of an office visit or hospital stay have been properly documented.

If the claim is denied, they will make any required changes and resubmit it. Once the insurance company has paid the permitted amount for covered services, the medical biller may issue the patient an invoice for any remaining balance.

Medical Billing Specialist vs Medical Coding Specialist

The Medical Biller

The billing process frequently begins when the patient schedules an appointment with the medical office, when codes are entered and sent to an insurer for pre-approval. This assists in determining the patient’s out-of-pocket charges, which the office can bill the patient for at the time of the visit.

Even if someone else codes the claims, a medical biller must grasp the industry codes since the billing specialist must analyse the reasons for any denied insurance claims and may be responsible for altering the codes before resubmitting the claims. They will also double-check the codes before filing the original claim.

The remaining sum will be charged to the patient once the insurance billing is settled. This is also the responsibility of the medical billing professional. Medical billers also assess co-pay obligations, track payments, and follow up with insurance companies and patients on overdue payments.

If a bill is not paid, the billing professional must call the insurance companies and ensure that all paperwork is in order. If a patient fails to pay an outstanding bill within a given term and fails to respond to repeated requests, the billing specialist may be forced to refer the debt to a collection agency.

The Medical Coder

Medical coding is the process of turning a provider’s diagnostic and procedure notes into the appropriate codes for record-keeping and invoicing. The codes are alphanumeric combinations that are used in the industry to identify and bill for services. This will require knowledge of the different codes used:

Each of these codes is used in insurance billing, and the coder must follow specific guidelines for proper use and placement in the billing software.

As soon as the patient arranges an appointment, codes can be input. The type of visit and the symptoms reported by the patient will be coded. Additional codes will be assigned for symptoms noticed by medical personnel, tests and procedures conducted, diagnosis made, and treatments prescribed.

What are the duties of a Medical Biller?

The day-to-day work of a medical billing and coding specialist includes:

  • Properly coding services, procedures, diagnoses, and treatments
  • Preparing and sending invoices or claims for payment
  • Correcting rejected claims
  • Tracking payments
  • Following up with patients and insurance companies about outstanding bills

While these workers often work in the same healthcare facility where patients go for treatment, this is primarily an office job as opposed to patient-facing clinical work. A medical billing and coding specialist will spend a large amount of time at the computer, reviewing, entering, and updating information.

How much does a medical billing specialist get paid?

The role of medical billing specialist falls under the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) medical records and health information technician job functions. According to the BLS, individuals performing this type of work earn between $41,817 and $49,139 per year. However, actual pay varies based on your level of education, experience, certifications, geographical location, and a variety of other factors.

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