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At Fast Billing Solutions, our highly experienced team of medical billers, certified coders, and client managers allows us to ensure unmatched quality medical billing services. We understand that clients have unique service, resource, security, and technical requirements that we must fulfill. Our flexible, client-oriented service makes sure that customers achieve top-of-the-line billing solutions, considerable cost savings, and higher productivity.

Client satisfaction is always our priority and number one objective. That is why Fast Billing Solutions proudly owns the best client referral and retention rates that show the trust of our clients in us. Today, we are known as the most trustworthy medical billing company among industry leaders. Our strategic decisions according to unique client requirements help us exceed client expectations in service, quality, and productivity.

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About Us​
Reasons to Choose Us!​

Reasons to Choose Us!


The key objective behind outsourcing medical billing is the timely submission of accurate information and claims. It becomes more significant in the healthcare field where even the slightest mistake can prove very costly. Our highly skilled team of medical billers will help you with the most dependable billing solution. We promise you unmatched quality, second to none.


Immediately after you place the order, our highly efficient team will start working on it to ensure the fastest possible billing solution. Our medical billers complete the task on time and double-check the submitted information to ensure accuracy, without any delays.


We know the importance of keeping clients’ data fully secure and confidential. Therefore, the highest confidentiality rate is always on top of our priority list. If you choose us, we guarantee you that your data will be fully safe, always. Therefore, stay confident that your work and patient information will always be secure.


We can proudly say that our medical billing rates are the lowest in the market, keeping in mind our highest service standards. We are focused on delivering the best billing services at the most affordable rates in the industry.


Fast Billing Solutions meets all HIPAA standards and guidelines. Our staff members are PHI and HIPAA regulations-trained professionals. Strict client confidentiality is our commitment.


Every medicine specialty, every report type, every format type; we are here to assist you with our round-the-clock customer support. You can get in touch with us anytime you want to know more about our services or process.