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Suppose you are a medical practitioner looking for new billing software for scheduling and prescribing. Then I would prefer, Dr. Chrono will help you to make schedules, Medical Billing Software development in Hauppauge NY, and medical forms. 

Fast Billing Solutions finest medical billing software in Hauppauge, NY, streamlining healthcare administrative tasks with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Elevate your practice with cutting-edge billing solutions that optimize revenue management and patient care.

Billing Software Development Services in New York

Medical Billing Coders in Selden NY

There are many engineers and coders in the world but having the largest group of billing coders in Brentwood is a blessing. We have the best billing coders who are professionals in their field. They have specific coding software programs like Epic, Centricity & flash Code. These programs help in the medical field. We are also responsible for delivering top-of-the-line Medical Billing Software in Selden NY with considerable cost savings and higher productivity. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and no.1 objective. That is why we are top-notch in the USA. We feel proud that we have won the trust of our customers as you. Besides some well-known companies that hire and pay medical billing clerks in bulk; Fast Billing Solution helps you save cash.

Billing software development in Farmingville NY

You will get a custom, third-party integration and consulting in the below description. Custom software billing transcription is another thing that helps you schedule the patient’s date and time. While consultancy helps you to tackle medical business challenges. We assure you our service of consultancy is high-speed and accurate for lasting stability to your group. Medical billing software in Hauppauge, NY, streamlining healthcare financial management with efficiency and precision. Elevate your practice with cutting-edge technology for seamless billing processes.

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Customer Software Billing Bay Shore NY

Customer Software Billing Bay Shore NY

If you want to gain the best experience in your processes and business. We are providing robust custom Billing Software Development in Bay Shore, NY. Custom software billing is the right option for you. If you want more like a joined system to meet your billing reports regularly. Third-party integration might be the right decision. Unlock unparalleled efficiency in customer billing with top-notch software solutions in Bay Shore, NY. Revolutionize your business’s financial management through advanced technology tailored to your needs.

Billing Software Development Services in New York

If you are looking for the best billing software development in Brentwood, New York. Then, we are the right people to call. Fast Billing Solution provides the latest software technology solution to your medical billing problems.

Our skilled billing software developers can help you resolve reimbursement calculation, resource, security, and technical requirement problems. With the help of our certified coder and medical biller, you can grow your medical billing business.

As you know, time is an essential and most valuable strength. We will provide you with the latest technology and software products on time that will assist you to bring this latest software to the market first. We also help you to manage your financial data to an advanced certainty level. You will find our robust billing software development in Hauppauge, NY.

If you require billing software in business, then the Fast billing solution refers to the program for tracking billable products and services. For instance, if you have purchased an analgesic fever, you don’t know the price.

Then the medical provider will check the price via the POS system. If you have never heard about the POS system, then let me clarify briefly. POS system is the invention of software development.

However, Fast Billing Solution offers the fastest POS system for your medical transcription. With the integrity of our billing software, fast billing solutions can help you to accept online transcription.


We thoroughly pick the fastest technology to create innovative and attractive billing software to grow your business. With the help of the latest software, you can manage your bill taxes in a very convenient way. Know more about billing software development in Queens NY and follow the below link for Eligibility Verification Services.


Every medicine specialty, every report type, every format type; we are here to assist you with our round-the-clock customer support. You can get in touch with us anytime you want to know more about our services or process.


HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

Government bodies like CMS, OCR, and HHS randomly but methodically conduct audits for reviewing HIPAA compliance.

AR Management

Accounts receivable/AR management is a practice in which customer payment is obtained within a specific period.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Patient insurance eligibility & benefits verification is a significant step before submitting insurance claims.

Medical Billing Audit

Medical billing audit is the remedy that they need to follow for a flawless medical billing & coding practice.

Front Desk Services

Fast Billing Solutions has a professional and dedicated front desk staff to deal with its clients in the most professional way.

Medical Billing Software

The advanced design of software deals with reimbursement calculations, RCM, and financial data.


MIPS eligible need to submit MIPS for avoiding penalties - cutting a few thousand from the Medicare reimbursements.

Patient Statments

At Fast Billing Solutions, we will make sure that you get the best value from patient statements.

Denial Management

At Fast Billing Solutions, we ensure effective denial management with our team of trained billing staff.

24/7 Support

At Fast Billing Solutions, our team is available round-the-clock to answer your queries and questions.