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Whether or not you believe it, there are so many things that you must pay focus on. If you don’t deal with that in an ideal way, it will leave a huge negative impact on the RCM. Even worse, it may also end up in piling up rejected reimbursements. If it happens, it will impact your operability and reputation. You never want it to happen, right?

At Fast Billing Solutions, we will take care of your complicated medical billing procedures and sluggish income cycle. Therefore, you can trust our team of revenue cycle management and AR Management experts.

Systematic Methodology for Efficient Reimbursements

It is the dream of every clinician to ensure the smoothest possible RCM. However, there are many challenges and hurdles. Don’t worry! Fast Billing Solutions has a team of specialized and experienced experts to make it happen for you.

Fast Billing Solutions ensure the most efficient reimbursements for you with the best possible methodology.

Empower Your Practice By Hiring Us!

By outsourcing your billing, you will be able to empower your practice like never before. Here are the key benefits that you will receive by outsourcing to us:

Aren’t you ready to get these billing benefits by hiring us? We will always exceed your expectations.

We Will Assist You Evaluate Your Healthcare RCM Efficiency Options

When we talk about the medical industry, it is becoming more dependent on MIPS reporting and billing solutions. Though, streamlined RCM isn’t obliged to it. For healthcare practices to possess their accounts, operational accuracy holds critical importance. It is essential to focus on all steps of RCM if the practice wants to ensure a greater collection rate.

At Fast Billing Solutions, we offer a perfect solution, projecting through streamlined medical billing & coding process. Ultimately, physicians receive benefits, such as reduced accounts receivable and high payments.

Claims Scrubbing

We have certified and most experienced coders to identify and fix your medical claim process mistakes before submission.

Quick Follow-Ups

We are always ready to ensure that your medical claims are accepted. Even when they are denied, we will show professional expertise for rectifying issues and resubmit claims to payers.

Denial Management

Payers follow strict rules to accept your claims. Therefore, not every medical claim passes through its rules in the first attempt. Fast Billing Solutions ensure precise resubmissions via an active denial management methodology.

Weekly Reporting

Fast Billing Solutions believes that our clients’ financial responsibility is on us. Therefore, we will keep you informed through detailed billing reports on either monthly or a weekly basis.

Committed Accounts Manager

We give priority to communicating with physicians because we want to ensure no room for uncertainty in their heads. To ensure this, our dedicated manager will help physicians to the best of their abilities. Moreover, our accounts manager will ensure transparency and quality at all stages.


HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

Government bodies like CMS, OCR, and HHS randomly but methodically conduct audits for reviewing HIPAA compliance.

AR Management

Accounts receivable/AR management is a practice in which customer payment is obtained within a specific period.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Patient insurance eligibility & benefits verification is a significant step before submitting insurance claims.

Medical Billing Audit

Medical billing audit is the remedy that they need to follow for a flawless medical billing & coding practice.

Front Desk Services

Fast Billing Solutions has a professional and dedicated front desk staff to deal with its clients in the most professional way.

Medical Billing Software

The advanced design of software deals with reimbursement calculations, RCM, and financial data.


MIPS eligible need to submit MIPS for avoiding penalties - cutting a few thousand from the Medicare reimbursements.

Patient Statments

At Fast Billing Solutions, we will make sure that you get the best value from patient statements.

Denial Management

At Fast Billing Solutions, we ensure effective denial management with our team of trained billing staff.

24/7 Support

At Fast Billing Solutions, our team is available round-the-clock to answer your queries and questions.