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9 Efficient Claim Submission Strategies by Medical Billing Company in New York

medical billing company in new york

Efficient claim submission is a critical aspect of medical billing company in New York. Timely and accurate claim submissions are essential for healthcare providers to receive timely reimbursements and maintain a healthy revenue cycle. This detailed note explores effective claim submission strategies for New York medical billing. By implementing these strategies, healthcare providers can optimize […]

5 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Strategies to Increase Productivity of Your Practice

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Electronic Health Record (EHR) with the passage of the HITECH Act in 2009, the federal government began requiring physicians to adopt EHR technology. The act mandates “meaningful use” of EHRs by providing incentivized Medicare and Medicaid payments to physicians who use the technology and imposing Medicare penalties on non-adopters. Since then, physicians have voiced concern […]

What is Medical Billing? 4 Important Tips.


Medical billing is the process of creating healthcare claims to submit to insurance companies in order to get reimbursement for medical services provided by providers and provider organisations. The medical biller tracks the claim after translating a healthcare service into a billing claim to guarantee the organisation receives reimbursed for the work the provider accomplished. […]

100 life-changing Medical Billing and Coding Terminology

medical billing and coding terminology

Medical billing and coding terminology is vital to the healthcare industry. Without it, hospitals and doctors’ offices wouldn’t be able to request payment for services. If you’ve looked into joining the field, you’ve probably heard a few medical billing and coding terms over and over. But what do they mean, and how do they relate to […]

13 Mind-Blowing Medical Billing and Coding Skills

medical billing and coding skills, medical billing in new york

Medical billing and coding Skills likely come to mind when you consider core industry competencies like using coding software, understanding the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) database, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), as well as a fundamental understanding of money and healthcare.But those aren’t the only abilities that are helpful for medical billing and coding skills […]

Why should you get Outsource Billing Services from Fast Billing Solutions ?

Outsource-Medical -Billing-Servies

The Future is Outsourcing… If you’re a doctor or practice manager, you know one thing for certain, Medical billing in new york can be a demanding and tedious task. It’s even more challenging for small medical practices with fewer people to handle all the aspects of the billing cycle. When medical billers in new york […]

What is Revenue Cycle Management in Medical Billing?

revenue cycle management

Revenue cycle management is one of the most important aspects that Medical Billing in New York professionals need to know. It is used to avoid insurance denials and reduce patient payments for services rendered. Revenue cycle management is a process of tracking and organizing claims billing information. The main goal is to collect reimbursement for […]

Why does Credentialing Important to Grow a Medical Practice?

All medical practices are in charge of making sure that their medical staff is qualified through a legitimate credentialing procedure. Today, obtaining a certification requires proving that you have received the appropriate education and training, maintaining accreditation criteria, meeting reimbursement requirements, and abiding by all applicable state and federal regulations. While the credentialing procedure may […]

4 Serious Issues in Medical Billing faced by your Practice?

issues in medical billing

Issues in Medical billing can be laborious and time-consuming, frequently leading to obstacles. For instance, more than 50% of primary care practises claim that they are overburdened by changes to medical billing policies and the requirements of new patients. It’s typical to dispute a medical charge due to the widespread uncertainty surrounding insurance requirements. These […]

9 Effective reasons to try Outsource Medical Billing Services in New York ?

outsaource medical billing services in new york

Outsource medical billing services in new york and code administration is proven to be a strategic advantage point for healthcare practitioners in today’s complex and growing healthcare economy. Assume You’re a small group of doctors with essential expertise. You’re just getting started, so you’ve recently invested heavily in your offices, business hardware and software, furniture, […]