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Navigating Medical Billing in New York: Time Limits, Balance Billing, and Disputes

medical billing in new york

Introduction As patients, understanding the intricacies of medical billing can be challenging and overwhelming. Medical bills arrive in various forms, and it’s essential to be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a healthcare consumer in New York. In this comprehensive blog, we will explore key aspects of medical billing in the state, such as […]

Top 8 Medical Billing Challenges – How a Medical Billing Company can Solve them?

medical billing in new york

Introduction Medical billing is a critical aspect of the healthcare industry that directly impacts revenue cycles and the financial stability of medical practices in New York. However, healthcare providers often face numerous challenges when it comes to medical billing, from navigating complex insurance regulations to managing claim denials and staying compliant with ever-changing coding requirements. […]

What is Medical Billing? 4 Important Tips.


Medical billing is the process of creating healthcare claims to submit to insurance companies in order to get reimbursement for medical services provided by providers and provider organisations. The medical biller tracks the claim after translating a healthcare service into a billing claim to guarantee the organisation receives reimbursed for the work the provider accomplished. […]

What Does a Medical Billing Expert Do?

medical billing

A medical billing expert is a professional who audits and submits financial claims. They are an essential part of the healthcare and medical industry. Billing experts communicate with insurance companies, medical professionals, and patients. The objective is to assist healthcare facilities to manage their financial aspects. This guide covers the duties and responsibilities of a […]

Tips to Choose the Best Medical Billing and Coding Services

Healthcare providers can pay close attention to medical treatment by outsourcing medical billing and coding services. Medical billing companies are responsible for handling essential healthcare billing chores (paperwork). Therefore, healthcare professionals have more time to focus on their core job; medical treatment. But, the question is how can healthcare providers choose the right billing and […]

Medical Billing and Coding: Everything You Need to Know About Healthcare

Healthcare medical billing and coding

Healthcare professionals like doctors have to attend to many patients every day in a hospital or clinic. Most patients who visit a clinic or hospital come with a health insurance plan. To get payments for their services, doctors need to submit patients’ claims to insurance providers or companies. Doctors are so busy treating patients, that […]