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Medical Billing and Coding Services in New York

Fast Billing Solutions excels in neurology, hospitalist, and mental health medical billing and coding services. Our advanced software ensures accurate coding for optimized revenue cycles. Contact us for efficient, compliant, and tailored healthcare billing solutions.

Medical Billing and Coding Services in New York

Healthcare sector is being controlled by various government agencies and organizations in the US. billing and coding for health services is one of those areas where healthcare providers file medical claims to receive reimbursement payments from different insurance companies. To encode and process these claims for different health services offered, there are complicated rules. At Fast Billing Solutions, we know how critical medical billing and coding is for your practice’s financial health. Our billers and coders have a full understanding of OIG, HCPCS, CPT, HEDIS, and ICD-10 guidelines. We utilize an advanced platform to integrate the requirements of Physicians, Payers, and Patients vigorously for creating proficiencies in patient care.

Medical Billing And Coding in New York, NY

medical billing and coding service software is a system to organize and label information about medical procedures and diagnoses. If you’re a healthcare provider, you should know about medical billing & coding services. These services help you get paid for the treatments and services you provide. Medical coding and billing are all about using special codes to describe what you did for a patient. It helps Insurance Eligibility Verification and Benefits government programs understand and pay for the care. Sometimes, it can be hard to do the coding correctly, and this can cause problems like mistakes or delays in getting paid. But don’t worry! In New York, NY, USA experts help healthcare providers with this.

Importance Of Accurate Medical Billing And Coding Bay Shore NY, USA

Keeping patient records accurate and organized is important. It helps healthcare providers track important patient information and handle insurance claims correctly. When things are done accurately, it makes sure that healthcare facilities in Bay Shore get paid on time and don’t run into payment problems. Keeping information organized also helps doctors and nurses understand patients’ details better, so they can make smarter decisions about their care. It also helps prevent cheating and legal troubles in the healthcare industry. Making sure patient records are correct is important in Bay Shore, NY. It helps healthcare providers get paid, improves patient care, and follows all the rules.

Role Of Medical Billing and Coding in Queens NY, USA

In Queens, NY, medical coders have an important job. They use special codes for medical procedures, diagnoses, and treatments. These codes are for billing and insurance. Medical coders work with doctors and nurses. They review medical documents. They pay attention to details. They know medical words and coding systems. Their work keeps medical records accurate. It helps healthcare facilities keep running smoothly and providing good care. They also help with research and making improvements in healthcare. Patients, doctors, and insurance companies can understand each other better. So, Hiring coding and billing for mental health services experts is crucial in Queens, NY.

Impact Of Coding Errors On Reimbursement Queens NY, USA

Coding mistakes can cause trouble getting paid in Queens County, Queen NY, USA. When doctors and hospitals bill for medical services, they use special codes. Here’s how Medical Billing and Coding mistakes can affect payment:

Less money: Mistakes mean doctors and hospitals may get less money than they should for their services.

Breaking rules: Coding mistakes can go against the government’s rules. It can lead to problems like fines or even losing the right to practice medicine.

Checks and investigations: Insurance companies and the government check medical claims for mistakes. If they find problems, they might investigate more closely.

Bad reputation: Repeated coding and billing for hospitalist services mistakes can hurt a doctor’s or hospital’s reputation. Patients might lose trust, and insurance companies might be unsure about working with them.

Cost Of Medical Billing And Coding Services Hempstead NY

Medical billing and coding services in USA have a price tag. These services involve translating medical procedures and diagnoses into special codes for insurance purposes. The goal is to make sure healthcare providers get paid correctly while keeping patient information safe. The cost of these services can vary depending on how complicated the procedures are, how many claims need to be processed, and the level of expertise required. To find out exactly how much it will cost, your best bet is to get in touch with our reliable service providers. They can give you more information that fits your specific needs.

The Process of Medical Billing and Coding

Claim creation involves charge entry, claim submission, clearing stage, follow-ups, and code assignments. Therefore, medical billing becomes a complete process. Look at the following flow chart for a better understanding of the Medical Billing and Coding process.

The Process of Medical Billing and Coding​

From hospitals to small practices, Fast Billing Solutions provide top-of-the-line billing & coding solutions to all healthcare providers. We will quickly find the loopholes and pain points in your general surgery billing and coding services process to resolve them to provide you with a long-term solution in stabilizing your finances.

HIPAA Compliance

To fulfill HIPAA compliance, it is essential to safeguard the health information of patients. If this information goes public or leaks, it will damage the reputation of the organization. So, both billing companies and practices must be HIPAA compliant. If you ever notice even the slightest risk in your practice, we can also help you with the HIPPA – Security Risk Assessment service. We guarantee you to make your practice breach-proof.


Every medicine specialty, every report type, every format type; we are here to assist you with our round-the-clock customer support. You can get in touch with us anytime you want to know more about our services or process.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing and Coding

There are many advantages that healthcare providers get by hiring professional medical billing and coding services from companies like us. Take a quick look at the following key benefits that you will receive by hiring us:

1. Easy & Fast Sign-Up Procedure

Regardless of the locations, size, experience, or specialty of your healthcare office, Fast Billing Solutions can handle all kinds of transitions with years of experience in the industry. The documentation, signup, training, and installation process will always be fast, simple, and budget-friendly.

2. Greater Return on Costs

We focus on removing claims processing issues and ensuring a higher rate of successful claims filing. Therefore, the revenue management of your organization will become efficient than ever before. We will not only help you minimize your AR days, but you will also benefit from the least claim denials. Moreover, outsourcing your billing affairs to us will save a lot of cost by not hiring billing staff in your office. It will result in a much greater return on costs.

3. Quickest Claim Submissions

Having no money at hand and higher receivables is always bad for any business. Fast Billing Solutions has a technically-innovative medical billing & coding solution for coders. It ensures easy, stress-free filing of details and the quickest medical claims submission. Moreover, we provide apt claims follow-up after submission.

4. Top-Notch Customer Service

We have a team of highly talented and experienced medical billers who manage every single billing requirement of healthcare providers efficiently. Additionally, they also keep themselves updated with all necessary social, technological, and legal developments. If there is a change required, we will promptly update you on that.

You can reach out to use, anytime, if you want to know more about our process of anything. We always feel great pleasure to solve your concern.


HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

Government bodies like CMS, OCR, and HHS randomly but methodically conduct audits for reviewing HIPAA compliance.

AR Management

Accounts receivable/AR management is a practice in which customer payment is obtained within a specific period.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Patient insurance eligibility & benefits verification is a significant step before submitting insurance claims.

Medical Billing Audit

Medical billing audit is the remedy that they need to follow for a flawless medical billing & coding practice.

Front Desk Services

Fast Billing Solutions has a professional and dedicated front desk staff to deal with its clients in the most professional way.

Medical Billing Software

The advanced design of software deals with reimbursement calculations, RCM, and financial data.


MIPS eligible need to submit MIPS for avoiding penalties - cutting a few thousand from the Medicare reimbursements.

Patient Statments

At Fast Billing Solutions, we will make sure that you get the best value from patient statements.

Denial Management

At Fast Billing Solutions, we ensure effective denial management with our team of trained billing staff.

24/7 Support

At Fast Billing Solutions, our team is available round-the-clock to answer your queries and questions.