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Welcome to Fast Billing Solutions, your trusted helper for making healthcare easier. With many years of experience, we know how to make things work smoothly in healthcare.

At Fast Billing Solutions, we’re the best in the healthcare business. Our team of experts knows a lot and can do lots of helpful things for you. From dealing with bills and paperwork to advising and ensuring your information is safe, we’ve made many healthcare providers happy.

Our success comes from making you happy. Many people like working with us and have seen how much better we can make things.

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Medical Billing Audit Services in New York​
Our Medical Billing Services help with money matters for your practice. We handle bills, claims, and payments, so things run well. Our experts know the codes and rules, so we get things right. We also know how to deal with getting paid back properly.
Medical Transcription service experts change spoken medical info into writing, ensuring it's correct. We organize patient details, diagnoses, and treatments. It helps keep good records for communication and decisions in your practice.
RCM Medical Billing Services
Fast Billing Solutions provides helpful Consultancy Services for your healthcare practice. Our experts advise improving things and caring for patients. We make plans that fit your practice and help you handle challenges and grow.
Experience excellence in healthcare quality programs with our MIPS/MACRA services. We guide you in these special programs, ensuring you follow the rules and do well. Our professionals help you report information correctly, making your practice look good and getting more money back.
HIPPA Security Risk Analysis
With our HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, we help keep healthcare info safe. Our team of experts looks at everything to find any issues. It keeps patient info private and follows the rules. We can help you make your healthcare place secure and follow the law.
Get our easy-to-use Medical Billing Software for smooth and precise billing. It helps you manage money matters, claims, and payments without stress. You don't have to have computer expertise to use our software. With our software, you can take care of patients and your practice's money simply.

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Choose Fast Billing Solutions because we work to make your healthcare practice better. We’ve been working in healthcare for a long time, so we know what we’re doing. Professionals like us and trust us. We’re good with digital things like computers. Our services are good but not expensive. It’s easy and fun to work with us, so you can focus on taking care of patients. Join us to make your healthcare practice even better.

Healthcare RCM Services in New York

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