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For the new performance year 2022, the CMS has introduced new rules for PFS on 2nd November 2021. Therefore, MIPS 2022 reporting requirements and rules have become different. There are now various modifications to the QPP, such as MIPS program revisions. Moreover, there are some changes to the new MVPs. This blog highlights the key changes for the MIPS 2022 reporting year.

MIPS 2022 Reporting Changes and Requirements

Now, there are two new types of clinicians; certified nurse-midwives and clinical social workers. In the MIPS 2022 performance year, the Cost and Quality performance categories need to weigh at thirty percent. The weights remain the same to promote improvement and interoperability activities at 15% and 25%, respectively.

Minimum Payment and Performance Threshold Adjustments

For the preceding performance period, starting with the performance year 2022, CMS must ensure either the median or mean performance threshold of final scores for eligible clinicians. 75 points performance threshold is necessary for the year 2022. For great performance, there are 89 points extra performance threshold.

Quality Category

There are changes to the six items by the CMS for the quality category. These are Quality Measure Score, Data Completeness, Group Reporting Claim Measures Scoring, Quality Measures, CMS Web Interface, and Bonus Points.

Cost Category

There are now five episode-based, newly-developed MIPS 2022 reporting measures.

Improvement Activities

This category also got some updates for the new performance year. These include fifteen modified current activities and seven new activities.

Promoting Interoperability

Starting with the performance period 2022, there will be automatic reweighting for clinical small practices and social workers.

Complex Patient Bonus

For MIPS 2022 reporting period, the bonus will remain to double.

Facility-Based Measurement

The MIPS Cost and Quality performance scores will depend on the scoring methodology of facility-based measurement unless a group or clinician ensures a higher final score via other MIPS submissions.

Apart from the above key changes in various categories for MIPS 2022 reporting, there are also a few more amendments. We will discuss them in detail in our future blogs.

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