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In 2025, ACOs that participate in the Medicare program will have different ACO reporting requirements. There is a multiple-year transition period by the CMS for changing data that ACOs must report. It also mentions how they should submit the data. These changes will ease the reporting burdens while improving patient outcomes.

With provisions, ACOs can collaborate with CMS-qualified registries for meeting data reporting requirements. In this short guide, we will highlight the changes that will take place in 2025.

ACO Reporting Changes by the Beginning Of 2025

Removal of the Web Interface

In 2025, CMS will eliminate the Web Interface CMS reporting option for MSSP ACOs. For the performance years 2021 to 2024, there is a transition timeframe for ACOs before reporting MIPS eCQM/CQM measures under the latest Alternative Payment Model Performance Pathway.


ACOs should be reporting either 3 all-payer CQMs eCQMs/MIPS or the ten WEB CMS Interface measures. All ACOs, under the umbrella of the APP, will be administering CAHPS for the MIPS Survey.


ACOs should be reporting on the three CQMs eCQMs/MIPS and administering CAHPS for the MIPS Survey. Two measures will be calculated by the CMS using the administrative claim information. There will be an end to the CMS Interface.

There will be further changes to the ACO reporting requirements in 2025. At the moment, ACOs are reporting APP quality measures through the CMS Interface. However, this thing will change in the future. There will also be some changes to the Quality Performance Standard.

Key Takeaways

ACOs must start assessing their quality ACO reporting strategy according to the new latest changes ahead in 2025. They can partner with experienced Qualified Registries to turn it into a hassle-free transition. We will discuss the new changes in detail in our upcoming articles for a better understanding.

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