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A system or solution is a combination of protocols or procedures. They function like an interlinking network. We have a few types of medical billing solutions known as open, isolated, and closed. The healthcare network never completes without medical billing. In this blog post, you will learn about all the three types of billing solutions that you would want to know.

Three Types of Medical Billing Solutions

1. Open

The open system or solution permits transfers through healthcare professionals, facilities, practices, etc. One instance of this system is using electronic-health-record or EHRs. Some individuals in healthcare interchange EHR and EMR, however, the fact is that EHRs are an extremely collaborative style of record-keeping. It allows everyone to have knowledge about the healthcare of patients.

If you have an open solution, the billing software must collaborate and communicate efficiently. Remember that some software platforms are not compatible with this system. Therefore, it will require patient records access solely.

2. Closed

The open billing solutions do not permit transfers. When we talk about the healthcare billing systems, the system focuses on just one practice. One prominent instance of the closed solution is electronic-medical-records or EMRs in the practice. This system is the digital form of old-fashioned paper charts. Some modern-day practices are still using this system but in combination with a few other record types. Because EMRs are closed systems, so they do not allow for teamwork with healthcare facilities and doctors.

3. Isolated

This is one of those medical billing solutions or systems that are no more in use in healthcare facilities. Neither practices nor physicians use it. Isolated healthcare billing systems use personal health-records or PHRs. Patients hold their medical records. Moreover, they also manage and design these records. Keep in mind that these are separate records and should not replace EHRs or EMRs.

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