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Every healthcare practice or medical office requires the services of a medical insurance billing and coding specialist. Without these professionals, they cannot get payments against insurance claims from insurance companies in a timely manner. They make sure that the healthcare practice or providers get timely and accurate payments for insurance claims. Apart from that, they also perform other activities, such as assigning codes to medical diagnoses, treatments, etc.

How Would You Find a Reliable Medical Insurance Billing And Coding Specialist?

There is a huge demand for medical billing and coding professionals in the healthcare industry. It means that there will be many medical billing companies and experts in the market available to offer their services. So, the question is that how would you identify the most reliable specialist for your medical office or practice?

If you focus on the following things when searching for medical billing and coding specialists, you will definitely find a reliable one.


Before you hire a medical insurance billing and coding specialist, do not forget to inquire about their certification. Ask the specialist what certification they have. For instance, CBCS, CCA, CCS, CMC, CIC, COC, and CCS-P are a few examples of medical billing and coding certifications.


See for how long the potential billing and coding specialist has been working in the medical billing industry. Newbies will most probably make billing mistakes. So, make sure that they have at least 5 years of experience in the industry.

What Billing Software Do They Use?

Modern-day medical billing and coding depend a lot on the latest billing software. Before you hire one, do ask them what software they are experts in using. The most common types of billing software are isolated, closed, and open.

Client Reviews

Finally, you should ask the billing and coding specialist for client reviews. If they are in the industry for a long and are trusted, they should have a lot of positive client reviews or testimonials. If they cannot share client reviews, don’t hire them.

One best alternative to hiring medical insurance billing and coding specialist in your office is to outsource medical billing services. Fast Billing Solutions is an experienced and dependable medical billing company you can trust.

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