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Are you one of those practices that do billing tasks in-house? If yes, you must consider hiring a certified professional coder for your practice. There are many reasons why you need to change your billing strategy. Professional coders are compliance-driven and highly-trained professionals to provide unparalleled services. In this article, we will share some of the top reasons why practices should hire professional coders or coding companies.

Why Certified Professional Coder or Coding Company is Paramount?

There was a time when practices only had to depend on just one office manager for overseeing operations while performing all billing and coding functions. In today’s world, this is no more a possibility. ICD-10 requires greater specificity. With a certified coder, physicians will rest assured that professionals who know all insurer requirements and coding guidelines are at the work.

Certified coders are always updated with the most recent knowledge. Here are some of the key benefits why practices should hire a certified professional coder firm for this job:

  • Coding specificity and accuracy that ensures accurate reimbursement
  • Ongoing internal billing audits, targeting high-risk areas.
  • Improvement in clinical documentation to assist physicians in capturing patient complexity and severity
  • Strategies for denial management that highlight denial trends and also the denials’ root cause
  • Education and training for the staff about coding and regulatory changes

When looking for a professional coder for your practice, you much check the credentials and ensure that they meet the specific needs of your practice. Some instances of the outpatient credentials are CCS-P, CPC, COC, and CRC. Other useful credentials include CPPM, CPCO, CDEO, and CPMA.

Apart from the above-discussed credentials, there must also be some other qualities that the certified professional coder must poses. These include analytical skills, curiosity, detail-oriented, integrity, interpersonal skills, technical skills, etc.

Fast Billing Solutions has a team of certified and highly experienced coders. You can choose us to take care of your medical billing and coding tasks.


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