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Medical Coding Classification System category structures are organizations of codes that correspond to person procedures and diagnoses. They’re used to correctly use information approximately illnesses and fitness conditions in patient information and play a position inside the medical billing system.

Clinical coding classification structures aren’t just utilized by hospitals and care facilities. Government fitness applications and private insurers and also use them for a selection of purposes, inclusive of statistical evaluation of sicknesses and strategies, claims and compensation, monitoring outbreaks and with choice assist systems.

Major Types of Medical Coding Classification Systems

Right now, there are five major types of medical coding classification systems that are used by medical coding professionals — ICD-11, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT and HCPCS Level II. The following list provides a brief overview of some classification systems used in the medical billing and coding field.


The International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-11, the most recent revision, is meant to take the place of ICD-10 as the next global standard for diagnostic codes.ICD-11 was introduced in January 2022 and is used to precisely categorise everything, including illnesses and different symptoms. Additionally, it updates some diseases’ classification categories, broadens the definitions of sexual health, and adds new diagnoses like immune system and sleep-wake disorders.


The clinical modification (CM) of the previous ICD, ICD-10, is the ICD-10-CM. The degree of detail in this version of the ICD satisfies the reporting requirements in the United States and is intended for use in clinical settings. The level of detail in ICD-10-CM is likewise different from that in regular ICD-10 codes. Because they provide more information about the severity of a disease or condition, the codes in ICD-10-CM are particularly helpful for clinical, outpatient applications.


The procedural-focused ICD, ICD-10, is known as ICD-10-PCS. The ICD-10-PCS has more specific codes for operations and equipment and is used in inpatient settings, in contrast to the ICD-10-CM, which is intended for the more thorough classification of diseases and disorders.


The abbreviation CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology, and it is used to inform the appropriate parties about diagnostic, surgical, and medical procedures. CPT is a procedural medical coding classification system, which means it describes the treatments that physicians and other healthcare professionals give to patients. Its main objective is to standardise how these operations are communicated for administrative and analytical purposes..


Based on CPT, the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Level II, or HCPCS, is used to categorise non-physician services including ambulances, medications, and prosthetics that fall outside the purview of CPT.

How Fast Billing Solutions Help you with Medical Coding Classification System?

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Fast Billing Solutions is providing you with some suggestions for dealing with medical coding issues in your medical practice. Like,

  • Communicate With Each Other
  • Strive for Accuracy
  • Pay Attention to Small Details
  • Have a Plan for Denials
  • Train Your Staff
  • Stay Up to Date With Regulatory Changes
  • Make Sure You Know Your Software

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