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Hospitals, insurance companies, billing companies, clearinghouses, and healthcare professionals are having a difficult time after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these facilities are still making a huge effort to offer top-of-the-line healthcare services. Even in this stressful time, they must keep their records clean. In this article, we will take a quick look at the HHS report and see what the United States Department of HSS (Health and Human Services) says about it.

HHS Report: Things to Know

The United States Department of Health & Human Services has a very clear notion sense that discrepancy in data incompleteness and data transmission cannot be negotiated. Data Requirements’ inconsistencies can affect the Revenue Cycle of physicians. Physicians must fulfill all rules and necessities for CARES Act Provider Relied Fund money.

Let’s take a quick look at some significant relief fund clauses:

  • We can only use the fund for avoiding or responding to the effects of coronavirus.
  • We can only use the fund as a reimbursement for the suffered healthcare cost or lost revenue during the pandemic of COVID-19.

Physicians were not sure about how they should act to such facts. The HHS report tells this all to help them. Remember that a medical billing company cannot process without the consent of its clients. Therefore, the HHS took the responsibility and explains all problems that limit you to take advantage of the program.

CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Requirements

Recently, the HHS answered all concerns of physicians. Apart from that, medical billing outsourcing services also took the opportunity to see the most wanted attributes, particularly the credentials of things that care providers must keep in the records. For example:

  • Essential healthcare service medical supplies for actual or possible Coronavirus-positive patients.
  • The workforce education/training offering COVID-19 services.
  • Healthcare service medical equipment for actual or possible Coronavirus-positive patients.
  • Having access to recruitment, equipment, resources, training, etc. for streamlining the workflow.

Expenses need to be according to the Coronavirus response or treatment. However, the HHS report shows that these expenses are not expected to go back to the initial date. The fund is a light of hope in this pandemic time.

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