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The medical claim starts at the time of patient registration. The physician sends this claim to the health plan of the patient for services offered. The process of preparing a claim in medical billing includes the translation of patients’ encounters into timely, precise bills, submission, and following up. Claim submission and preparation involve various steps. If you don’t understand them well, you cannot manage the claim process effectively.

The modern-day medical claims submission is done through healthcare billing software. It fulfills HIPAA’s electronic filing needs. In this article, we’ll help you understand how to prepare a clean medical billing claim.

Preparing and Submitting an Error-Free Claim in Medical Billing

Here are the 5 simple steps to prepare and submit clean claims in medical billing:

1. Gather Itemized Receipts

To begin the process, you first have to get your itemized bill or invoice from your medical provider or doctor. You can get it by calling the provider and asking them that you’re filing the medical insurance claim.

2. Fill out the Medical Claim Form

The claim form contains information about the illness or accident in question. Fill out this form carefully according to the instructions. If you are having any confusion you should talk to your insurance provider. Make sure that you fill out this form accurately.

3. Create At Least One Copy

Preventive measures are always good. Therefore, you should create a copy of your claim before you forward it to the insurance provider. When a claim complication happens, that extra copy will prove extremely helpful.

4. Evaluate, Call & Send

After completing your documents, you should call the insurance provider or company. Tell them that you’ve prepared a claim and you’re about to send it. Ask them if they need any other documents, etc. Send the claim only when you’re 100% sure that you’ve done everything right. Once you are sure, you should send it in time.

5. Follow Up

You have done everything right. Now all you need to do is follow up on the calendar. In case you are not reimbursed within the right time, call the insurance provider and ask about it.

This is how you can prepare and submit a clean claim in medical billing. Keep visiting us for more information on submitting medical billing claims and more.

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