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When we talk about medical billing, there are many things involved in the process. From patient registration to claim preparation and charge entry to follow-ups, all steps involved hold crucial importance. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the different types of charges in medical billing that you should know.

Types of Charges in Medical Billing

Well, there are different types of charges in medical or healthcare billing. Here are those types that we would like to share with you:

Inpatient Hospital Billing

Patients after their admission to a hospital will be given separate invoices against a few services. The hospital bill for a patient will include various charges, such as food, room, and medical services and supplies. It also includes procedures or tests including x-rays.

Outpatient Billing

A patient seen in an outpatient setting or a clinic may get different invoices against a few services. Your outpatient or clinic bill will include charges for using any procedures or tests and facility. Some procedures and tests may be performed at another date for scheduling purposes. In that case, it will have a separate bill from your clinic or outpatient invoice.

Home Care Billing

A home care patient will get the bill for products and services that they receive at their home. On the billing invoice, there might be charges for the nurse visit, physical therapist, home healthcare aide, speech therapist, social worker, or occupational therapist. The patient may also get different bills if they get home healthcare equipment or IV therapy.

Charges for Other Services at the Hospital

Apart from the hospital bill, the patient may also get a separate bill for services that they receive from outside groups of physicians who work for the hospital.

So, these were a few charges in medical billing that you should know. Keep visiting us for more informational blogs on medical billing and its procedures.

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