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For every healthcare practitioner that offers healthcare services, the RCM process holds significant importance. Ensuring greater revenues is not an easy thing for practices. The patient is always your priority. But it is also equally important to cope with ever-changing regulations and rules. However, you can make this thing look straightforward by hiring the right medical company for revenue cycle management. Asking basic RCM questions in medical billing can help you find the best service provider.

What Are the Basic RCM Questions In Medical Billing You Should Ask?

Firstly, you must understand the importance of outsourcing your core process- revenue cycle management. Once you know it, you should ask the following crucial questions to the service provider before you hire them.

  1. Do you provide your current AR summary?
  2. Do you provide your current claims’ denial management?
  3. Would you monitor and analyze rejected claims?
  4. Would you provide code analysis according to your current history of medical practice?
  5. Are you capable of dealing with contract analysis in the best possible way?
  6. Do you have certified medical coders to deal with your coding requirements?
  7. Are you utilizing specialty-specific medical coders?
  8. Do you have EMR-specific medical billers?
  9. Are you providing eligibility verification services?
  10. Do you have separate teams to handle claims, denials, and rejections?
  11. Is there transparency in your reports?
  12. Do you have a dedicated reporting app or platform?
  13. Do you provide benchmarking services? It helps monitor the productivity levels of doctors.
  14. Are you offering patient medical billing services?
  15. Are you a HIPAA-compliant medical billing company?
  16. Do you have a team that understands all ICD9 – ICD10 mapping codes?
  17. Do you provide RVU analysis?
  18. Would you help medical practices in medical credentialing with specific insurance companies?

These are the most basic RCM questions in medical billing that you must ask a company before you hire them.

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