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It is always a rational approach to outsource medical billing. Outsourcing becomes especially vital when a practice doesn’t have the right space, bandwidth, resources, finances, or people for in-house billing. Medical billing companies don’t only help you evade this bad scenario, but also help you boost revenue generation with timely and error-free claims submission.

However, choosing the wrong medical billing company can prove a costly decision. In today’s blog, we will share 5 signs that indicate that the company you are about to hire is not the right choice.

5 Signs of Untrustworthy Billing Companies

Before you hire any medical billing company, it is essential to ensure that they will take care of your billing tasks aptly. If you find out any of the below signs, you should not hire that company:

1. The Company Has No Client Base in Your Domain

Mostly, physician billers and coders have training in every single specialty. However, billing and coding rules change every year. If the company you choose doesn’t offer specialized services in your domain, they cannot provide you with quality services.

2. The Company Doesn’t Share Any References

Ask the billing company about references. Billing companies should happily offer you their clients’ list without any fear. If they are not giving you references, it means they know that their customers will share ad reviews about their service. Don’t hire them!

3. They Don’t Allow You to Access Their System to See Patient Accounts

That’s where cloud-based systems make things easier. Vendors assign initial passwords and unique logins and users can see everything. You have all rights to access your data. Keep in mind that unreliable companies would never let you see 100% data.

4. The Company Don’t Allow Clients to See Their Own Reports

There are companies that provide their clients access to their own reports and there are ones that don’t. Some companies do not use system-generated reports. They use system-generated report data and enter details manually into spreadsheets. In this case, the possibilities are that the numbers might be wrong.

5. They Use Unreliable Billing Software

There are many billing software available in the market. If you have never heard about the billing software the company is using, do not hire their service. Make sure that the company is using credible and reliable billing software.

If you notice any of these signs when looking for medical billing companies, you should avoid hiring their services.

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