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A medical billing and coding specialist plays a huge role in today’s healthcare industry. Every medical billing and coding company requires skillful billing and coding professionals to serve physicians and practices with error-free medical billing and coding. If you are looking to hire a professional medical biller or coder, you need to be aware of the 5 signs of non-professional or unreliable billing and coding experts.

Signs of a Non-Professional Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Here are the five signs that can help you recognize unreliable coding and billing experts:

1. They Don’t Pay Attention to Detail

Every dependable medical billing and coding expert must pay close attention to even the smallest details when working with healthcare records. If they are not focusing on small things, it means that they are not detail-oriented. As a result, they will make many mistakes.

2. Carefulness

Medical coders and billers will have access to patients’ sensitive medical data. It is the right of the patients to ensure that their information is protected. Unreliable coding and billing experts often neglect the importance of patients’ data protection.

3. No Certifications

Every medical billing and coding specialist needs to have a valid certificate. These certificates may include CPC, COC, CIC, CRC, CFPC, etc. Ask the biller and coder about their certification. If they do not share their certification detail, it means that they are not professional.

4. Non-Assertive

Medical coders and billers communicate with different people, including office staff, physicians, finance personnel, etc. When cases of hostile patient collection transpire, unreliable billers and coders won’t act assertively. They just cannot diffuse the emotions of patients while solving issues.

5.  Non-Technical

Most physicians and hospitals have already switched to EHR technology. This technology is playing a massive role in the field of medical coding and billing. You will find many unreliable coding and billing professionals in the market who don’t know how to work on EHR technology.

All the above signs are associated with non-professional or unreliable medical billing and coding specialist. Fast Billing Solutions has a team of certified and highly experienced medical billers and coders to take care of your billing and coding tasks.

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