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4 Serious Issues in Medical Billing faced by your Practice?

issues in medical billing

Issues in Medical billing can be laborious and time-consuming, frequently leading to obstacles. For instance, more than 50% of primary care practises claim that they are overburdened by changes to medical billing policies and the requirements of new patients. It’s typical to dispute a medical charge due to the widespread uncertainty surrounding insurance requirements. These […]

6 Strategies Prevent Medical Billing Claim Denials of your Practice?

Prevent Medical Billing Claim Denials

Denials can be divided into two categories: hard and mild. Hard denials result in lost or written-off evenue since they cannot be remedied or overturned. Soft denials are brief rejections that might be overturned if the provider amends the claim or provides further details. As with your patient’s health, prevention is key to avoiding the […]