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Clean claim submission in medical billing plays a key role in ensuring reliable cash flow. However, it is a time-consuming and complex process. To cater to this, there are many medical billing companies that healthcare providers can outsource. When you outsource medical billing processes, such as claim submission, it increases the clean claim ratio, minimizes overhead, and maximizes revenue.

All you need is to find a reliable medical billing company that can do clean claim submissions on your behalf. Fast Billing Solution is one of the most dependable medical billing companies that you can count on.

Important Things for Claim Submission in Medical Billing

If the revenue cycle is healthy, it will help you ensure timely collections. You need to ensure that it is the most critical part of the billing operation of any practice. Claim scrubbing, reviewing, and processing without wasting any time means the shortest medical claim cycle as well as timely settlement of claims.

If you want to ensure clean claims, here are the most important things to do:

Patient Information

It is essential to ensure that all of the demographic details – the insurance policy, address, and name are correct and complete. Remember that correct details are key to clean claim submission.


Eligibility verification plays a huge role in avoiding claim denials.  Therefore, it is essential to verify the effective dates of the insurance policy of patient, deductibles, and copays before the appointment of the patient.


Before you see a patient, it is essential to ensure that you’ve already obtained any prior approvals that are necessary.

Medical Coding

Moreover, it is essential to make sure that you apply the right IDC/CPT modifiers and code. Otherwise, it will impact the cleanliness of the claims that you submit.

Medical Documentation

Finally, you must make sure that all documents for the services you provide are concise and clear. Also, make sure that they support applied medical modifiers and codes. It is so critical to ensure claim submission in medical billing.

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